e.a.t is a non-profit organization that supports the acceleration of innovation in local food systems though education, agriculture, and technology.  e.a.t promotes new models of food production, processing, sales, and distribution to increase access to local, healthy, sustainable food throughout the City of Chicago in an effort to create best practices that can be leveraged nationally.

since 2009 e.a.t has been working to meaningfully impact the Chicago food system with a variety of partners including academic institutions, non-profit organizations, thought-leaders and for-profit companies  to forward e.a.t’s  mission.

Most importantly, e.a.t envisions a world where communities and people have equal access to the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of eating healthier, powered by locally grown and produced foods.

To find out more about e.a.t or how you can help or be helped please drop us a line at hello@eat-chicago.org