Harold Washington College Rooftop

EarthBoxes on the roof of Harold Washington Collegs

Last fall we were introduced to the people at Harold Washington College and their rooftop via former HWC President John Wozniak, needless to say the sight of 30,000 square feet of rooftop in downtown Chicago got our hearts racing. John introduced us to Michael Davis, who at the time was heading the Science Dept. at Harold Washington, but, has since been promoted to Vice Chancellor of STEM for City Colleges of Chicago, and his enthusiasm, support and understanding of E.A.T. has been incredible.

Over the summer, Michael introduced us to many of his colleagues from all seven City Colleges of Chicago, as well as the Illinois Green Economy Network and the people from Iron Street Farm, and… planted their first EarthBoxes on the roof of Harold Washington College, the results which you can follow on an ongoing basis on their blog here. This helped add to our tally of nearly 300 EarthBoxes we have deployed around the City of Chicago that we will begin posting data from soon.